Gulfstream Business Jet

Luxury, Comfort and Efficiency

The Gulfstream Business Jet has an excellent range of over 6600km, further than its Cessna, Bombardier and Hawker rivals and is extremely fast, having set a number of new city-pairing records. Gulfstream believe that it also has the best fuel efficiency in its category and challenge anyone to find a more comfortable cabin

The interior of the Gulfstream is not only larger and more spacious than its competitors, accommodating up to 9 passengers in a Club 4 formation, three-seater sofa and two additional seats, but it also offers state-of-the-art technology to provide 100 percent fresh air, low cabin altitude, quiet cabin and large windows reduce fatigue and promote a comfortable cabin environment. The Gulfstream truly represents a perfect combination of style and substance and provides the most complete service of any aircraft in its class.

Height6.3ft / 1.91m
Width7.2ft / 2.18m
Length32.3ft / 7.87m
Luggage Capacity4.4m³
Range6,667KM / 3600nm
Speed482kts / 892km/h

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